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Americans for Gun Safety Now!

Today marks the beginning of a new era in the debate on gun safety. Students, parents and educators from across our great nation are joining a committed group of concerned citizens to march for one common goal: Comprehensive Gun Legislation.

Americans for Gun Safety Now! Marches with You Today and For Our Future.

Americans for Gun Safety Now! is a committed group of people representing a wide-variety of stakeholders – from the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre and other mass shootings across the nation, to our elected officials, political donors and grassroots organizations – who believe that it is time that we finally come together to create a national strategy for bringing about real reform, protections and changes to our nation’s gun laws.

With every step that you took today in our nation’s capital you have started – and starting can be the hardest thing to do. But your start today is how we will move our nation forward!

In Florida, the Legislature passed and Governor Rick Scott signed into law groundbreaking legislation to address comprehensive gun reform in the state. Congress needs to follow Florida’s lead!

In the immediate future – we will be working hard to bring forth a legislative package that we believe can build bipartisan support to make our schools, and entire nation safer. We believe that a national legislative package should do the following:

  • Eliminate Bump Stocks
  • Limit High Capacity Magazines and Armor Piercing Ammo
  • Express Support for 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Raise the National Limit for all Gun Sales to 21 Years of Age
  • Expand Universal Background Checks
  • Provide Additional Support for Mental Health Services

And, ultimately eliminate the style of weapons that have been used to end countless lives!

NOW is the time to act to make our communities safer. We don’t believe we can or should wait. While the march starts today – it doesn’t end today!

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Carlos Curbelo,

Member of Congress

Brian Mast,

Member of Congress

Ambassador Cathy Bailey

Ambassador Chuck Cobb

Ambassador Al Hoffman

Ambassador Howard Leach

Ambassador Mel Sembler

General Dave Palmer,

Former Superintendent of US Military Academy

General Leroy Suddath,

Former Head of Army Special Forces

General Charles Hamm,

Former Superintendent of US Air Force Academy

General Jack Nicholson

Norm Braman,

President Braman Automotive Group

Stanley Tate,

Tate Enterprises

Dennis Blair,

Former Director of National Intelligence

Cyrus Freidheim,

Former CEO Sun Times Media Group, Chiquita Brands International, Retired Vice Chair, Booz Allen Hamilton

Michael “Mike” B. Fernandez,

Chairman MBF Healthcare Partners

Bradford M. Freeman,

Co-Founder Freeman Spogli

Fred Guttenberg,

Orange Ribbons for Jaime

Michael Munz,

CEO Rummell-Munz

Jack Nicklaus,

Professional Golfer

Peter Rummell,

Chairman Rummell-Munz

Dwight Schar,

Chairman of the Board of NVR, Inc.

Ambassador C. Boyden Gray

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